An enigma: PlatinumGames just unveiled a mysterious “Platinum 4” website

Platinum 4

What does PlatinumGames have up its sleeves? Previously, we heard a report a Switch port of Wonderful 101 may have a Kickstarter planned. However, this could be just a small part of what the company has scheduled. As it so happens, an official website named “Platinum 4” just popped up on the interwebs. Obviously, this has led to rampant speculation about what the “4” means.

Perhaps “Platinum 4” means four upcoming titles for various consoles?

Take a peek at the webpage by following the link below:

Great, that told us absolutely nothing! The image periodically glitches out, though. It is possible the site will incrementally update after a period of time.

Personally, I hope this means four games from Platinum are coming in the near future. Will they all appear on Switch? Not unlike the Capcom Five were planned solely for the GameCube? Or will they launch on various SKUs? Maybe Scalebound will rise from the grave! Hopefully, it doesn’t get canceled again.

Enthusiasts, what do you think the “Platinum 4” could be? Do you believe a single game announcement is imminent? Multiple? As always, leave us your best-educated guesses in the comment section below.

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