Plague Inc. gone from Chinese app store after COVID-19 boosted sales

Plague Inc

Last month, while China struggled to stifle a growing, sweeping COVID-19 outbreak, popular pandemic simulator Plague Inc. benefitted from an incidental boost in sales in the country. As of a few hours ago, though, the game disappeared from China’s iOS app store for unknown reasons.

Even the developers of the game can’t be totally sure as to what inspired this–in a statement on their website, Ndemic Creations explained that upon the removal, they were told that Plague Inc. includes “content that is illegal in China as determined by the Cyberspace Administration of China.” Even though we don’t know for sure why this happened, numerous potential concerns pertaining to COVID-19 seem likely. Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad speculated a few possible reasons for the ban, including that the in-game Patient Zero is always in China and that the Cyberspace Administration of China may be concerned about Plague Inc.‘s recent “fake news” update.

Outside of base speculation, though, we really don’t know why Plague Inc. has disappeared from the app store in China. Hopefully, Ndemic Creations can get an explanation soon, and from there, figure out a solution that lands the popular game back in the hands of Chinese fans soon.

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