Pinball FX3 doing the monster mash with new Universal Monsters tables

pinball fx3 universal monsters pack

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect system to relive the glory days of pinball games on. Smart developers like Zen Studios have capitalized on that, bringing excellent pinball simulation games such as Pinball FX3 to the console. New tables get introduced to this particular pinball game pretty often, and just in time for Halloween, a couple new tables from the Universal vault are arriving.

The Williams Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack is arriving for Pinball FX3 on Oct 29. Announced today by Zen Studios, the downloadable pack features a set of two iconic monster-themed pinball tables. These should prove perfect to dig into during the Halloween season.

The first table, Monster Bash, is a smorgasbord of classic horror movie icons. Want to say hi to Dracula, or hang out with Wolf Man under the full moon? How about digging up the Mummy, or even summoning Frankenstein? You can do all of this and more on the classic Monster Bash pinball table.

If you want a more intimate experience with a singular horror monster icon, Pinball FX3 has you covered with the Creature from the Black Lagoon table. This one is an adaptation of the original fish monster flick, dropping you into the world of a drive-in movie theater to survive the night and escape the clutches of the beast.

Gamers can play both of these tables in a classic simulation version, which accurately emulates their original visuals and designs. If you want a more modern twist, though, you can also play re-mastered versions. These include new animations and interactive elements.

The Williams Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack is coming to Pinball FX3 on the Nintendo Switch on Oct 29.


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