Pinball FX 3 is adding Williams Bally pinball tables

pinball fx 3

On Tuesday, Zen Studios tweeted out its newest digital pinball game, Pinball FX 3 will include the Williams Bally library.

When it comes to the history of the Williams Bally pinball library it goes back to 1988. During that year the Williams Manufacturing Company acquired Bally. After its purchase of Bally, the company underwent a name change; changing its name to WMS Industries. The merger between the two companies happened more than 50 years after Williams’ founder Harold E. Williams designed an electromechanical pinball machine, the first of its kind. As of right now, Zen Studios has not discussed how much of the library will be part of Pinball FX 3. 

However, the video in its tweet does show operations manuals for tables like Arabian NightsFish Tales, and Medieval Madness among others. Making it a high possibility those tables will be included in the game. The library itself also includes famous Hollywood properties like The Addams Family, The Twilight Zone and Judge Dredd. The news of the library’s inclusion comes almost four months after it was revealed FarSight, developer of Pinball Arcade lost its licensing deal with WMS Industries. The deal between the two companies ended on June 30.

pinball fx 3

Pinball FX 3 currently available on Nintendo Switch. The game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, table upgrades, and tables from properties including Alien, and Family Guy. If you were to design a pinball machine what would it look like? Comment below!

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