Pikmin mobile game details revealed, including special ‘Decor Pikmin’

Pikmin AR mobile game app details Niantic Singapore beta VGC

Most Nintendo fans are curious about the upcoming Pikmin AR mobile game from Pokémon GO developer Niantic. Details had been largely nonexistent except that it would encourage people to walk and will launch later this year. However, a beta version is currently being tested in Singapore, and VGC has seen it and reported on myriad details.

It looks like the Pikmin AR mobile game will play out in a similar fashion to Niantic’s Pokémon GO. The main difference is that instead of hatching Pokémon Eggs, you will be growing “Pikmin Seedlings.” These seedlings will grow into a fully sized Pikmin after walking around for a bit and collecting “Step Energy.” You are then able to add these Pikmin to your squad and send them out on expeditions to collect more items (and occasionally “Postcards” with images of real-life places taken by Pokémon GO and Ingress players). For the most part, this seems like a solid attempt to transfer the mechanics of the main series to mobile devices.

Pikmin presently come in red, blue, yellow, purple, white, rock, and winged varieties, but there are also what VGC describes as “unusual” Decor Pikmin dressed to match the area you found them in. These unique critters can be grown from Big Seedlings, or sometimes standard Pikmin can transform into them if they come to the right locations.

While you walk around with the Pikmin AR mobile game, you may stumble upon things like fruit, which the Pikmin can convert into Nectar to give back to your Pikmin to bloom flowers. The petals of flowers can then be used to create flower trails while you walk, which in turn makes it easier to find seedlings and will make planted seedlings grow faster.

At present in the beta, the Pikmin AR mobile game has no microtransactions, but that could certainly change later.


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