Pikmin Bloom, the app no one is talking about, has 2 million downloads

Niantic Sensor Tower data Pikmin Bloom 2 million downloads downloaded download

Pokémon GO developer Niantic launched mobile walking app Pikmin Bloom globally roughly two weeks and change ago, and according to Sensor Tower data, it has received 2 million downloads in that time (via Eurogamer). It is definitely most popular in Japan, where Pikmin Bloom has found approximately 864,000 downloads and generated $473,000 in revenue. The United States and United Kingdom rank second and third respectively for most downloads.

Taken at face value, 2 million downloads for Pikmin Bloom is pretty good, but not extraordinary. Of course, no one was ever expecting this game to see numbers in the same stratosphere as those of Pokémon GO, which achieved 75 million downloads within its first couple weeks of staggered release. After all, Sensor Tower says Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, itself based on a titanic franchise, reached 12.5 million downloads in its first two weeks. Compared to those Harry Potter numbers, 2 million downloads for Pikmin Bloom suddenly sounds better.

Still, it’s a little unfortunate that no one seems to be talking about Pikmin Bloom, and I don’t think I know anyone locally who has grabbed the app. Have you downloaded it and enriched your walking life? If you have, Niantic would probably really appreciate it if you became an evangelist for its fledgling app.


John Friscia
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