Pikmin 3 on Wii U was the Perfect Choice

Shigeru Miyamoto recently had an interview with Japanese gaming website 4Gamers where he was talking about the upcoming release of Pikmin 3, part of the conversation is why Pikmin 3 was developed for Wii U rather than Wii effectively skipping the Wii leaving it with the New Play Control Pikmin Games.

Comparing Pikmin, Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3 Miyamoto is quoted as saying;

When it came to Pikmin 2, I heard a lot of complaints with the first game that had to be fixed. However, if you fix every single issue that the audience is dissatisfied with, then what makes the game interesting (in the first place)? That is the unresolved question. Therefore, I reflected on the aspect of multiple endings that were originally in Pikmin 1, and with the thought of creating it properly again I made Pikmin 3

He then went on to state in discussion as to why Pikmin 3 was brought to Wii U;

I’ll say with a little reservation that it was “management.” When creating a fun game like Pikmin, the mechanics should be done efficiently. In order to accomplish this, it wouldn’t be good if nothing is running properly and simultaneously, including all the off-screen parts.

But in Pikmin 3 it is, quite honestly, running many things at the same time. If you look at the entire map on the Gamepad, you can see it’s all running properly. In other words, in order to show everything while moving in the game with the advanced processing actually needed for it, the Wii U was the perfect choice.

Miyamoto goes on to discuss that a factor to bringing the game to Wii U would also help the system sell.  If we reflect back a new Pikmin game was rumoured to be coming to Wii pretty close to the end of its life cycle, the system had sold as much as it was going to sell so it didn\’t need software to drive hardware sales, rather it would have just served to sustain software revenues.  They opted to change strategy and leverage the development into position to bring it to the new generation and have it as a hardware driving agent.  This holiday season has a lot to be shown to us yet, and with Pikmin 3 releasing yesterday in Japan, this month in Europe and Australia and August for North America, it remains to see how this game will have an affect on hardware sales.  But rest assured that Nintendo’s attack on hardware sales is officially on.

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Source [4Gamer]

Mark Loughlin