Pikmin 3 Does Not Require Motion Plus

It seems that Wii U owners will not have to go and purchase a Wii Motion+ controller in order to enjoy Pikmin 3!

As you can see in the Tweet below, you will be able to enjoy Nintendo’s new game with every Wii Remote available in the market, but of course you will not experience the same quality and precision when you will be controlling your little Pikmins without the Motion+ technology.

Neat, you don\’t need Wii Motion+ to use the Wii Remote in Pikmin 3. Doesn\’t work quite as well, of course.

— GameXplain (@GameXplain) July 15, 2013


But beyond the difference in the quality of the gameplay, if you had not the chance to purchase a Wii Remote Plus until now, you can feel a little more relaxed by reading this article and go ahead and buy Pikmin 3 in a few days.

P.S.: I want also to warn the readers from checking out this particular Twitter account and its last tweets, because they contain some massive Pikmin 3-spoilers!!


Hektor Apostolopoulos