Physical Tokyo Game Show 2020 is cancelled, replaced by digital event

Tokyo Games Show 2020 schedule online Nintendo Switch games tokyo-game-show-2020-is-cancelled

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a number of big game event cancellations. Some publishers have chosen to hold their own events in the wake of these canceled shows, but even Nintendo is struggling with this due to staff working from home. Unfortunately, Tokyo Game Show 2020 is also now canceled.

The organizers of the show (the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association) explained in a recent statement that they didn’t make this decision lightly. They considered all possibilities and took into account the health and safety of those who would have attended. While they’ve scrapped the physical version of the event, they do have plans to still hold a digital-only event this year.

So, instead of a physical event, the Tokyo Game Show 2020’s online event will take place from September 24 to 27. We don’t have any details on where the event will be. It could be hosted on Twitch, YouTube, or across all streaming platforms. We also don’t know how the organizers will present the content that was planned for the show prior to its cancellation.

Even though the physical Tokyo Game Show 2020 is canceled, most game reveals, announcements, and new trailers should be easy to showcase via streaming platforms. It’s the interviews that usually take place which will be slightly more difficult to put together. Still, we’re sure the organizers can pull it off.


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