A ray of hope: Physical release of Hollow Knight might happen, after all


A while back, we reported on the physical release of Hollow Knight being canned. A dissolution between the developer and their publishing partner made the possibility of the indie title being sold on cartridge a near impossibility. However, a recent ESRB filing points to a physical edition of Hollow Knight becoming a reality.

“I gotta believe!”

Take a look at this screenshot discovered by Reddit user u/ofreezyy:


The ESRB left out Horrifying Bugs in its rating, but otherwise, this looks legit.

The reason this listing points to a physical version of Hollow Knight? Simple. Digital-only titles do not require an ESRB rating. Therefore, Hollow Knight must have a physical retail release on the way.

I am eagerly anticipating this announcement in an official capacity. I prefer physical media and also adore quite a few Switch indies. This leads to me waiting on official or limited edition versions of these titles in cartridge-based form. Dead Cells is already on my shelf. Celeste is on its way via pre-order. Shovel Knight is coming soon. All I need now is Hollow Knight to become tangible.

Fellow Switch indie enthusiasts, have you held out hope for a physical launch of Hollow Knight? Do you prefer digital or physical media? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving an insightful comment below!

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