PHOGS! releases early this December, bringing canine mayhem to Switch

PHOGS coatsink bit loom games nintendo switch release date december 3

It’s been rough out there lately. With so many sources of stress around, relaxation, fun times, and a good dopamine inducer are more important than ever. Luckily there’s a game on the way that covers all of those things and lets you share the experience with your loved ones. Yep, Bit Loom Games and Coatsink‘s PHOGS! is finally coming to Nintendo Switch on Dec. 3.

PHOGS! is a game where two players (or one, if there’s no one else around) each control one head of a two-headed dog. Using just biting and barking, the two heads work together to help out the creatures you find along the way and ultimately solve the major problems plaguing their strange world. There are three major areas based around the things that dogs love most — sleeping, eating, and playing — and each has its own unique mechanics. Of course, things being as they are, couch co-op isn’t an option for many of us, so there’s online co-op as well.

This game was one of our favorites at PAX East back in March. While it feels like it’s been four thousand years since that event, my anticipation for PHOGS! hasn’t diminished at all. It’s a lot likeĀ Untitled Goose Game, only instead of playing a chaotic evil waterfowl, you take the role of a chaotic good canine abomination. Fun for the whole family! PHOGS! will cost $24.99 at launch, and while there’s no physical release planned at the moment, it will likely be well worth the download.

Dominick Ashtear