PHOGS! delayed, but there’s a demo coming this month


PHOGS! has been delayed until later this year. We previewed this charming title for Nintendo Enthusiast at PAX East earlier this year. It’s an adorable physics puzzle game that features a two-headed dog going around and helping people. It’s as chaotic as Untitled Goose Game, but with kindness instead of malice.

Due to the global health crisis, many games and products are seeing delays. According to the publisher, “We hope to announce an official release date for PHOGS! soon but wanted to address the delay as not to disappoint our fans even closer to the original launch window.” So while it’s sad that it’ll be a longer wait to play the full game with friends, it’s understandable.

However, there is a silver lining. If you want to try out PHOGS! for yourself, Coatsink and Bit Loom Games are releasing a demo later this month during the Steam Summer Game Festival. There won’t be a Switch demo, but it’s the same game across platforms. This is the same demo that was on the PAX floor, allowing players all over the world to experience what only some of us were able to see in Boston. You’ll be able to get the PHOGS! demo on June 9. I recommend giving it a go.

Update: The Steam Summer Games Festival has been delayed, so you’ll be able to try the game out on June 16.

Dominick Ashtear