Phoenotopia: Awakening, inspired by Zelda II, hits Switch this month

Cape Cosmic Phoenotopia: Awakening, inspired by Zelda II, hit Switch this month

Phoenotopia: Awakening from developer Cape Cosmic will launch for Nintendo Switch in just a couple weeks on Aug. 20 as a timed Switch exclusive. It comes inspired by the Zelda games, particularly Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Paired with charming character design and generally stunning visuals that feel warm and fuzzy, even in the more decrepit and dangerous parts, this could be one to watch.

In Phoenotopia: Awakening you play as Gail, a normal villager whose life is changed when a starship appears in the sky and abducts all the adults. She’s left as the oldest, and therefore most responsible, so now Gail needs to uncover what happened and rescue the villagers. Along the way, she’ll probably end up saving the world.

The game has nods to the Zelda franchise in various places, such as in offering bombs, arrows, and a flute. It also boasts more than 50 different enemy types and 12 bosses. You’ll be fighting these with more than 10 individual weapons, in addition to using them to traverse the world and solve puzzles.

If you’re a completionist, Phoenotopia: Awakening contains 33 energy gems, 55 heart rubies, and 111 moonstones to discover and collect. There’s also an achievement system with 33 badges to earn, all designed around adding an extra layer of challenge. Cape Cosmic is ultimately anticipating 25-50 hours of gameplay.

Finally, there are more than 60 original songs in this game. These span calming piano melodies, orchestral numbers, and even raging synth or heavy metal tracks; the developers even squeezed bagpipes in there.

Cape Cosmic has opted to launch on Nintendo Switch first because of the team’s small size. They’re focusing on releasing the game in North America first, with more regions and platforms to follow. It will cost $19.99, which seems quite reasonable for 25-50 hours of content.

Are you intrigued to try out Phoenotopia: Awakening?


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