Phantasy Star getting Switch-exclusive features

Phantasy Star, Sonic the Hedgehog Getting Switch-Exclusive Features

Modern ports of retro titles typically get the same treatment across the board. That includes save states, display options, art galleries, and more. Those quality-of-life changes and bonuses are indeed nice, but Sega is taking an extra step with their latest announcement for their Sega Ages lineup on Switch — Phantasy Star.

Sega Ages is made up of individual retro title releases that are sold at a low price. It’s a cool approach if you’d rather just get the games you want instead of some big collection where maybe half the titles interest you. Not only that, but Sega is taking care to include specific features to these titles to make them more accessible.

Phantasy Star

The title that was just announced under this umbrella is the Master System RPG Phantasy Star. While a great title in its own right, the 3D dungeon crawling can be daunting unless you have graph paper by your side to track progress. Now this Sega Ages release plans to include auto-mapping to immediately remove those headaches. If you’re more a purist (or sadist), then you have the option to turn this off as well. Also included will be a bestiary, in-game lists of items, and an easy mode.

Phantasy Star, Sonic the Hedgehog Getting Switch-Exclusive Features

So far only a Japanese release in September 2018 has been announced. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, though, for these revamped classics to come to the West as well. Considering how well retro titles have been received on the Switch, it just seems like a no-brainer for Sega.

David Giltinan
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