PGA Tour 2K21 will swing onto Switch on 8/21

PGA Tour 2K21

Get ready to golf on the go when PGA Tour 2K21 teas its way onto the Nintendo Switch on August 21.

The new game sports an all-new PGA Tour Career Mode, which will take players through the Fedex Championship. You’ll play against real-life golf pros and earn rewards and gear as you play. Like in other 2K games, such as NBA 2K, you’ll be able to access the MyPlayer mode, which allows you to design your own golfer. On top of that, there will also be a course created with “1,000s of custom options”. Speaking of courses, the ones featured in-game are based on real-world locales thanks to scanning.

Multiplayer is definitely also a feature with both online and local options. Modes include Alt-Shot, Stroke Play, Skins and 4-Player Scramble. You will also be able to run full seasons and tournaments.


PGA Tour 2K21 is already available for physical pre-ordering. 2K has chipped in some goodies for pre-ordering, including the 2K/Adidas CodeChaos MyPLAYER Pack, which features some clothing options for your custom golfer. The Standard Edition costs $59.99.

There is also a Digital Deluxe version. Pre-ordering still features that same bonus, but this version also includes a bonus 2300 units of in-game currency and the Golden Touch Pack that features a gold-plated putter and gold-played 10.5 driver. You know, just to further emphasize that golfing is the sport for the crowd.

There aren’t that many golf games on Switch yet; at least not realistic ones like this. Some compilations have it, like Ubisoft’s Sports Party. And before somebody asks, it currently remains unclear if PGA Tour is going to feature any motion control options for the Switch edition of the game.

A.K Rahming
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