Petey Piranha and Shy Guy coming to Mario Tennis Aces

The Nintendo UK YouTube channel just dropped trailers for two new characters coming to Mario Tennis Aces next month (December 1-31st): Shy Guy and Petey Piranha. The plan seems to be making these characters unlockable early for those who participate in both a singles and doubles online tournament. Singles for Petey, and doubles for Shy Guy. And for those who don’t quite make it to an online romp, don’t worry, the characters will automatically be unlocked for everyone on the 1st of January.

Online Tournament Play Required

Mario Tennis Aces Shy Guy Petey Piranha DLC Update

This DLC is being released as completely free content and is also being used as a way to promote the monthly online tournament function, specifically with the new doubles addition. This seems to be Nintendo’s plan for the other announced DLC characters as well. And forced online subscription aside, I’ve got to say, the playstyle and designs of both these characters are quite the fresh take.

Odd But Refreshing Choices

Mario Tennis Aces Shy Guy Petey Piranha DLC Update

You’d think they would include the potted Pirahna Plant instead of Petey as a sort of double promotion between Smash Bros. Ultimate and Tennis Aces. But, Petey is here, large and in charge. And I certainly do mean large; he might just be the biggest character on the roster.

Unlike, say, Chain Chomp, he isn’t somehow using a tennis racquet despite his anatomy. Petey is slapping the tennis ball purely with his leaves. I would’ve expected him to use the cages he’s known for using in Smash Bros. Brawl, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Then there is Shy Guy who is pretty bog standard yet adorable. He has incredibly similar sound effects to the ones in his Super Mario Party appearance. Additionally, his trick shot is oh so elegant with him sliding on his face.

The Final Verdict

Overall both characters are great picks and I’m excited to try them out. But let us know your thoughts and who you would’ve picked down below.

Jacob Buchalter
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