Persona 5 Joker airsoft gun going on sale to blow away Shadows

Persona 5 Joker airsoft gun / The Phantom Trickster

Are you so excited for Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that you feel the need to shoot something? Then shoot that (ideally inanimate) thing with an officially branded Persona 5 Joker airsoft gun, which will go on sale this month in Japan. If Google Translate is to be believed, it’s apparently a limited edition, and the current run of the gun is already sold out. But if it comes back in stock, the price is 24,000 yen, or $214 USD.

If you check out the pictures, you’ll see one side of the Joker airsoft gun is emblazoned with “The Phantom / Trickster,” while the other side says “TAKE YOUR HEART.” So basically, one side looks pretty slick, and the other side looks really tacky. Gotta love the duality.

Persona 5 Joker airsoft gun / The Phantom Trickster

Is the price tag too rich for your blood, or is no price too high to feel like a Phantom Thief? In any case, it’s just one more way to keep Persona 5 on our minds as we wait for Atlus to probably announce the game for Switch.


John Friscia
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