Nintendo fans react to Persona 4 getting a PC port before Switch

Nintendo die-hards want pretty much every game ported to Switch and they’re not afraid to beg for them. However, some of the most requested Nintendo Switch ports are Persona 3, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5. Today, news of the PlayStation Vita exclusive Persona 4 Golden finally making its way to another platform broke. Unfortunately for hardcore Switch fans, that platform is PC. As soon as I saw this news I assumed the internet exploded in rage. Here are some passionate Nintendo fan reactions to Persona 4 Golden coming to PC before Nintendo Switch.

The good news for Nintendo Switch fans is Persona 5 Scamble: The Phantom Strikers, the Musou sequel to Persona 5, is very likely making its way to Switch in the west in the future. You can read our preview for the game, or watch the preview below.


Atlus will release Persona 4 Golden for PC via Steam on June 13. Are you disappointed in P4G making its way to PC before Nintendo Switch? Do you plan on picking up the PC version next month? Let us know in the comments section below, or head over to our Facebook page and voice your opinion!


Brett Medlock
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