Pennzoil and Nintendo of America Bringing Mario Kart Racing Experience to SXSW

Mario Kart is finally being re-imagined in real-life


What originally started as an extremely vague rumor has turned into an official announcement. Nintendo of America and Pennzoil are teaming up to promote the launch of Mario Kart 8 for Wii U with a real-life racing track.

JWT Atlanta is launching a promotion effort called Pennzoil Presents Mario Karting Reimagined which aims to push Mario Kart 8. All SXSW Gaming and Interactive attendees will be permitted to race each other on a custom-built track.


Set outside the Palmer Events Center, the custom-built, Mario Kart-themed racing track will be free to enter to SXSW Interactive & Gaming attendees. As with many go-karting tracks, the live racing will employ RFID technology to communicate between the track and the karts as well as to provide the kart driver and the audience with an interactive, authentic Mario Kart experience.

The races will be broadcasted from the driver’s point-of-view to television screens all over the activation and the Austin Convention Center. The kart’s performance is controlled by RFID technology as drivers come in contact with icons on the course. No, you read correctly. There will be real-life power-ups serving the purpose of either boosting speed or slowing the kart down in real-time. The goal will be to collect all five icons so that drivers may receive complete protection.

\"MarioIn the end, Pennzoil receives promotion for their Platinum oil, the first oil to be made from natural gas, and Nintendo gets the promotion it so desperately needs. It’s a win-win situation for Nintendo and Pennzoil.

The track will be open Friday, March 7th, 12PM – 6PM, Saturday, March 8th, 12PM – 6P and Sunday, March 9th, 12PM – 6PM.

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