Penelope and Monica Cruz Return For A New Animal Crossing New Leaf Commercial

Seemingly out of nowhere, a new Animal Crossing: New Leaf commercial has popped up online, starring Nintendo advocates from early this year, sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz. This is definitely a new one, as it guest stars a 2DS.

This time, Penelope and Monica aren’t getting their way quite so easily, as they try to get a fellow New Leaf player to share her Bamboo with them. The child groans at the prospect of getting an autograph, but agrees when Penelope promises a T-Rex.

I don’t know about a T-Rex being an in-game item but Bamboo is definitely a real item in New Leaf, which you can grow indefinitely to spread all over town.

This is part of the holiday marketing push for New Leaf, which Nintendo seems to think still has legs. Do you think Nintendo needs the Cruz sisters on more commercials? Or should they get help from other celebrities? While you think on that, check out the commercial below.

Ryan Parreno