Pauline and Musician Mario join Mario Kart Tour for limited time

Super Mario Odyssey Pauline Nintendo voice acting

Mario Kart Tour is set to launch tomorrow, joining the ranks of Dr. Mario World, Fire Emblem Heroes, and more in Nintendo’s push for mobile market domination. In addition to featuring iconic race tracks from the series’ history, the game features special tours based on real world locations. The tour at launch is based on New York City, and competing in this tour will give players a special prize.

Like most of Nintendo’s mobile games, Mario Kart Tour features a special way to get characters. Players can spend rubies to make random characters, karts, and gliders shoot out of a pipe, permanently unlocking them. To put it bluntly, it’s a loot box system. In the video, Lakitu implied there are more ways to unlock characters, but it remained mum about the details. While characters like Mario, Toad, and Koopa are available at all times, certain characters are only available during tours. During the New York City tour, players can unlock Pauline and Mario in his musician suit from Super Mario Odyssey.

She’s your one-up girl!

While this isn’t the first time Mario has donned a new costume for Mario Kart, this will be Pauline’s first foray into the Mario Kart series. Pauline first appeared in the original Donkey Kong arcade game. Her introduction predates Princess Peach, Bowser, and even Luigi. However, after her first appearance, she largely fell by the wayside, only appearing in ports, cameos, and a supporting role in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong subseries. After her reintroduction to the series in Super Mario Odyssey, Pauline has slowly worked her way back into the spotlight.

Mario Kart Tour will be introducing a slew of new characters and costumes to the series. Peachette has been confirmed to be playable, along with traditional Japanese costumes for Mario and Peach. Who knows what characters the next event will bring?

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