Patch incoming: A Hat in Time has a major texture glitch on Switch

A Hat in Time texture glitch patch Gears for Breakfast

3D platformers have made a major comeback in recent years. The genre that dominated the late ’90s has been revived by games like Super Mario Odyssey. Indie developers have also been tackling the genre, including Gears for Breakfast. Their Kickstarter-funded adventure, A Hat in Time, made its debut in 2017. Two years later, it’s finally out on Switch, but some players have encountered some rather pesky bugs. Quite a few players have encountered a jarring texture glitch, and there have also been reports of freezes and crashes. The developer is aware of these issues, and they’re currently working hard to patch them.

A major texture glitch

Patch on the way to A Hat in Time

Gears for Breakfast has set up a thread on Reddit where players can report bugs as they encounter them. They are also interacting with fans and updating them on when certain bugs are fixed. The next patch will fix several major bugs, including the one that’s been causing all of the texture issues. Here’s the breakdown on what’s coming in the next A Hat in Time patch:

  • Picture Perfect, The Big Parade and the end of Subcon Well has stuttering -> This has been fixed and will appear in the next update

  • Using the scooter or laser badge for the first time has stuttering -> This has been fixed and will appear in the next update

  • After several hours of extended play, some textures may in rare cases corrupt -> This has been fixed and will appear in the next update

A Hat in Time has been out for around two years on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but Switch is a different beast. It should have no problem running the game, but it’s still a lot of work to port it over. It looks like it could have used a little more time in the oven. Hopefully Gears for Breakfast can get it running smoothly in the near future. If the next patch successfully fixes the major texture glitch, that will be a good start.


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