Party: Dead Cells receives Everyone is Here update, adds iconic indies

Dead Cells update

The last time we heard from Dead Cells, it had surpassed 5 million units sold worldwide. A significant achievement for an indie roguelite. And since the holidays are just around the corner, developer Motion Twin decided to give its fans an early gift. Dubbed the “Everyone is Here” update, the free DLC brings iconic indies to Dead Cells in the form of weapons, skills, and skins.

This Dead Cells update brings some familiar faces together

Check out an announcement trailer below:

Alright, so it’s skins instead of the actual guest characters, but still! It’s awesome!

Here’s everything you can expect:

  • Blasphemous

New weapon: Face Flask
– They say this was supposed to heal you, but it doesn’t seem to work that well… Eh, who cares, it looks cool as heck.

New outfit: Penitent’s Outfit

  • Curse of the Dead Gods

New weapon: Machete and Pistol
– Slash, slash, bang. But like, big strong bang. Basically.

New outfit: Explorer’s Outfit

  • Guacamelee

New weapon: Pollo Power
– Unleash your inner chicken and bring wrath to your enemies, as you lay egg-bombs all over the island.

New outfit: Luchador’s Outfit

  • Hollow Knight

New weapon: Pure Nail
– Looks like Blobespierre has finally learnt that he’s not obliged to stop running everytime he wants to take a swing.

New outfit: Vessel’s Oufit

  • Hyper Light Drifter

New weapon: Hard Light Sword / Hard Light Gun
– Shoot with one to mark your enemy, hit with the other to get your ammo back.

New outfit: The Magician’s Outfit

  • Skul

New weapon: Bone
– One swing, two swings, one uncontrollable whirlwind… You know the deal.

New outfit: Little Bone’s Outfit

Based on the video and descriptions alone, I know I’ll be down for the Guacamelee!, Hollow Knight, and Hyper Light Drifter additions. Especially the Pollo Power; just look at how you can run around as a chicken!

Here’s a hint from the devs about where you can find these upgrades:

As you explore Prisoners’ Quarters, you might notice some new unusual rooms that don’t seem to belong here. Perhaps they shifted from another dimension? Legends say that finding and exploring those rooms will bring you glory and strength!.. as well as new tools to add to your arsenal.

We also heard that a strange, mysterious, might-be-full-of-hints book has appeared somewhere in Prisoners’ Quarters. However, its sayings look quite cryptic and incomprehensible…

Crystal clear, guys!

This latest Dead Cells update has already hit PC but will hit other consoles, including the Switch, soon.

Enthusiasts, will you jump back into Dead Cells for this inventive update? Let us know below.

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