Paper Mario: The Origami King spirits coming to Smash Ultimate

Smash bros spirits Paper Mario: The Origami King spirits spirit board super smash bros. ultimate

The next chunk of content to drop for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes from Paper Mario: The Origami King. No, sadly there’s no news of Paper Mario characters arriving in Fighters Pass Vol 2. However, the new content takes shape as three Spirit Board newcomers from The Origami King.

The event starts this Friday and contains the paper-thin Smash Ultimate spirits of Olivia, Origami Princess Peach, and King Olly. The official Super Smash Bros. Japan Twitter page shared some images of the upcoming spirits and what they’ll look like in-game. Here’s a sneak peek ahead of Friday’s event launch:

Smash bros spirits

Back in November 2019, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate saw spirits of an entirely different nature. Four Resident Evil characters (Chris, Leon, Wesker, and Jill) joined the game in a limited-time event that lasted five days. At the time, we speculated not so seriously as to whether anyone from the series would ever enter the character roster as a DLC fighter, but that of course never materialized. However, with Paper Mario being a Nintendo property, we’re not ruling it out this time around. The last fighter to join the roster was from another Nintendo series, Arms, who entered the fray earlier this summer.

The Paper Mario Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirits event starts Aug. 28 and lasts five days.


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