Paper Mario producer is “not opposed to the fans’ opinions” on RPG mechanics, but he has “separate” philosophy

PAper Mario The Origami King

In a recent interview with Eurogamer GermanyPaper Mario: The Origami King producer Kensuke Tanabe discussed the series and its gradual departure from RPG gameplay. He stated that losing RPG elements was a conscious decision by the team – one that allows the developers to surprise players with new and unique gameplay design. However, Tanabe also acknowledged that that philosophy differs from the wants of many fans, and that while RPG mechanics were not in the cards for Paper Mario: The Origami King, that might not always be the case for the series’ future. Read on below for Tanabe’s full response to questions about the future of the series and RPG mechanics, as translated by Nintendo Everything.

“When developing Paper Mario: Sticker Star, one of our goals was to move away a bit from the traditional RPG style. Nintendo has another RPG series starring Mario and we wanted to distance ourselves from it by making an adventure game with a focus on solving puzzles. Even though we’ve stuck to that decision so far, we haven’t decided yet whether or not we will keep doing so in the future. Personally speaking, I want to keep developing Paper Mario games that are both innovative and unique.”

“The game development philosophy I’ve adopted from Mr. Miyamoto is developing innovative and unique gameplay systems. I’m not opposed to the fans’ opinions. However, I view my game development philosophy as separate from that. If we used the same gameplay system wanted by the fans again and again, we wouldn’t be able to surprise them or deliver new gameplay experiences. We always try our best to exceed expectations in surprising ways. At the same time, there’s no guarantee that we’ll always succeed in doing that – so it’s a real challenge.”

While many, including our own Brett Medlock, really enjoyed Paper Mario: The Origami King, plenty of others are still clamoring for the series to return to RPG mechanics. How do you feel about the series in its current state? Would you rather it brought back RPG elements, or are you happy with its focus on charming, inventive adventuring? Let us know in the comments below.


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