Paper Mario joins Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack next week

Paper Mario joins Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack December 10, 2021 release date Nintendo 64

Nintendo has announced that Paper Mario from Nintendo 64 is joining Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack next week on Friday, December 10. It is the famous first entry in its franchise, an RPG developed by Intelligent Systems that uses a paper art aesthetic to tell an epic story. It is the second role-playing game to star Mario, following Super Mario RPG from Squaresoft on SNES in 1995. Paper Mario is basically set in a separate continuity from that game, but it shares some gameplay in common with it, including platforming elements and timing-based attacks in turn-based battles. Paper Mario originally launched in 2000 in Japan and in 2001 internationally, and it was later available on Wii and Wii U Virtual Console.

Here is a description of the story of Paper Mario, for the uninitiated:

In Paper Mario, his vile viciousness – Bowser himself – has absconded with the magical Star Rod and lifted Peach’s Castle into the sky with the help of Kammy Koopa. Who will stop him now? It’s up to Mario (and you!) to save all seven of the Star Spirits, guarded by Bowser’s handpicked minions. Can you rise to the occasion and pull off a storybook ending?

While it’s great that Paper Mario joins Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack on December 10, this marks the first time that an update to Nintendo Switch Online consists of a single game. That really doesn’t bode well for the future of updates to the service, especially as updates to NSO have been sparse affairs in the first place. However, we do at least have a guarantee from Nintendo that several more specific Nintendo 64 games are coming to NSO Expansion Pack in the future, including The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Mario Golf, Pokémon Snap, F-Zero X, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, and Banjo-Kazooie. Datamining suggests that many more, like Mario Party, may be on the way as well. More NES and SNES games are still planned for the base Nintendo Switch Online service as well.

Let us know what you think of Paper Mario joining Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack by its lonesome on December 10.

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