Paper Mario fans get “Remaster Thousand-Year-Door” trending on Twitter

Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door Nintendo remaster

Every once in a while a game comes along that truly captures the hearts of fans for years to come. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is one of those games. The original Paper Mario was a fantastically fun experience, but its GameCube sequel was so much more. It took everything people loved about the first and made it bigger and better. In the eyes of many fans, no future game in the series ever came close. That’s why all these years later there are still countless players who would love to see The Thousand-Year Door receive a remaster.

In fact, its popularity is so strong that 15 years later it’s currently trending, thanks in part to a recent YouTube video from Arlo. In response to the video, thousands of Paper Mario fans have taken to Twitter with the hashtag “#RemasterThousandYearDoor,” and it’s making waves! Will it be enough for Nintendo to take notice? Should they bring Thousand-Year Door to Switch?

Should Nintendo remaster Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?

Personally, I have some mixed feelings about this. I love Thousand-Year Door with all of my heart. It’s by far my favorite Paper Mario experience. I’d certainly welcome and buy a remaster, but is it really necessary? I think the game looks great as is. Sure, it could pop a little more with improved resolution, but really, I just want the ability to play it on my Switch. I’d be perfectly happy with a straight-up port rather than a remaster.

Instead of dumping resources into a remaster or remake of Thousand-Year-Door, I’d like to see Nintendo focus on making a new game that returns to its formula. Paper Mario just hasn’t been the same since Nintendo ditched the original gameplay. Switch has done a great job at appealing to classic gaming fans by returning to form with games like Super Mario Odyssey. Why not do the same for the Paper Mario franchise? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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