Paper Mario lookalike Bug Fables gets a new trailer

Bug Fables Paper Mario

Bug Fables, the Indiegogo-funded inaugural RPG from Moonsprout, has a new trailer that shows off more of that gorgeous art style heavily inspired by Paper Mario. At nearly two minutes long, the trailer gives a great look at many of the game’s different environments while also demonstrating the turn-based battle system. Give it a look below.

It is wonderful to live in an age where indie developers are beginning to pick up the slack for their major studio counterparts. Nintendo has dropped the ball on Paper Mario as of late, and while Bug Fables could not possibly fill every hole left by that series’ hiatus from quality, it can still hopefully bring some of that goofy, papery charm we all know, love, and need.

Are you excited for Bug Fables?  What did you think of the new trailer? Do you think it can maybe, possibly, if the stars line up and pigs take flight, compare to the wonderful Paper Mario games of old? Personally, I doubt it can, but even a solid, charming RPG would mark a fantastic start for Moonsprout. Sound off in the comments and let us know what you are hoping to see in this creepy-crawly RPG.

Nick Pearson
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