Epic crossover: Modder inserts Paper Link into Paper Mario: The Origami King

Paper Link

Now that Paper Mario: The Origami King has been out for a while, it’s up to modders to keep the game fresh. And what better way to make things interesting than inserting Link into the world of Paper Mario? While we have seen concepts of this idea before, we’ve never witnessed Paper Link in one of these titles on a grand scale.

Paper Link gives Paper Mario a run for his money in the cuteness department

Modder AlexByRuizZ created the alteration for The Origami King as a skin modification. Check it out in action below:

Pretty nifty! This is exactly what I picture Link looking like in a world of stationery.

The Paper Link mod is fairly new, so it is still in beta. Players who download it can only see the Hylian hero in a fraction of the game, as the character reverts back to Mario in certain cutscenes and battle sequences. Progress on that front is being made, at least, as evidenced by these screenshots which show the addition of Red and Blue Tunics:

Paper Link

Paper Link

Enthusiasts, will you be downloading the Paper Link modifier for The Origami King? Would you purchase a spinoff title in the Paper Mario series that featured the Hero of Time? Let us know below!

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