Pandora’s Tower Director Chats with Siliconera [UPDATE]

As you\’ve no doubt noticed, we\’re quite fond of the final game of the Operation Rainfall trio, Ganbarion’s Pandora’s Tower.

So naturally, we\’re keen for any new morsels of info about it, and luckily for us, Siliconera has served some up with the game’s director, Toru Haga.

On the balance between character development and providing historical context for the game’s world:

Actually, there are no additions or cuts regarding characters. From the beginning, we were set on making these three (four?) characters and focusing on them primarily throughout the story. We wanted the players to have Elena in mind constantly by focusing on Aeron and Elena’s relationship.

I don’t recall many concepts being cut, although we did decide to keep the information regarding the world to a minimum. We wanted the players to have the freedom to imagine the world on their own from the limited information that’s shared.

On the game’s fantastic boss fights:

We designed the boss fights mainly to challenge the players to pull from all their resources. At first glance there may be a boss that a player may not know how to defeat, but with a little experimentation and strategy it could be eventually be figured out, which we hoped would give players a real sense of accomplishment when defeating them.

Click over to Siliconera for the full interview.

UPDATE: The good folks at Siliconcera also scored some news on a possible Wii U project from Ganbarion:

The Wii U is a unique console with exciting features such as the GamePad. We’re currently thinking of fun ideas using these features. For example, we’re thinking of a gameplay idea that uses two screens from different perspectives, like a tabletop RPG, where players could potentially give each other objectives and progress through the game. Or like with Miiverse, where players can share their gameplay experiences easily, we were thinking of a game that focuses on communication.

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