Paladins adds the cast of Roosterteeth’s gen:LOCK as playable characters

paladins roosterteeth gen:lock

Paladins has carved out a solid niche for itself as a free-to-play alternative to Overwatch. The team-based shooter thrives on its large, colorful cast of characters, and it’s about to get bigger. During the Day of the Devs broadcast, developer Hi-Rez announced that the cast of Roosterteeth’s gen:LOCK is coming to Paladins as playable characters. That sure came out of nowhere! You can check out the surprising reveal trailer by clicking below.

Paladins x Roosterteeth

The cast of gen:LOCK

Cammie McCloud, Julian Chase, Yasamin Madrani, Kazu Iida, and Valentina Romanyszyn are all headed to Paladins sometime next month. These five fighters make up the main cast of Roosterteeth‘s gen:LOCK, an animated web series inspired by mecha anime. The show’s first season aired in early 2019, and a second season is planned to launch on HBO Max at some point in the future.¬†We didn’t get much information about how these characters will play today, but we got a brief glimpse of them in action in the trailer above.

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