Pac-Man 99 DLC trailer shows off custom themes and four new modes

Pac-Man 99 DLC trailer Bandai Namco

Developer Arika Co.’s Pac-Man 99 only just launched on Nintendo Switch Online, and publisher Bandai Namco has already released some downloadable content for the game (DLC). The Pac-Man 99 Deluxe Pack includes 20 custom themes and the Mode Unlock DLC. All of the contents can be purchased separately, or you can buy them in the Deluxe Pack bundle for £24.99 /$ 29.99. Each theme costs £1.69 / $1.99 as a standalone add-on, while the new modes cost £12.99 / $14.99.

After purchasing the new modes, you will unlock four new ways to experience the game. The Pac-Man 99 Mode Unlock DLC includes Private Match, CPU Battle, Score Attack, and Blind Time Attack as playable options. These extra activities will allow you to hone your skills before jumping into some online action. The themes are based on a variety of Namco titles, including games such as Dig Dug and Galaga. They will change the appearance of your play screen and will sometimes replace the assets with another game.

Pac-Man 99 with its DLC is now available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The DLC is now also available to purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop in either a bundle or standalone release. The game has arrived just in time, as Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. 35 closed its servers after the great Mario apocalypse on March 31. Have you played the game, and if so, are you addicted to it yet?


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