Owlboy creator imagines a Mega Man DOS remake in a fan video

Mega Man DOS remake fan project video clip Owlboy creator Simon S Andersen

Simon S. Andersen, the creator of Owlboy and CEO and art director at D-Pad Studio, has to be one of the most gifted artists in the video game industry. Pixel art or otherwise, his Twitter is just filled with breathtaking art in a variety of different styles, several of them being fan art celebrations of things like Metroid. And sometimes, Andersen’s passion for reimagining the classics takes him to unusual places. On that note, the Owlboy creator has shared a new fan concept video reimagining obscure Mega Man DOS games as one unified, modern Mega Man game, complete with a level tease for Dyna Man.

If you haven’t heard of Dyna Man, don’t feel bad — almost no one has. The DOS platform received original titles named Mega Man and Mega Man 3: The Robots Are Revolting (there is no 2), and despite being, uh, noble efforts (to put it really charitably) at porting the series to PC, they are mostly known today for looking absolutely hideous and appearing in the Awful Block at Games Done Quick.

The Mega Man DOS games feature original bosses that are patently fugly, but Andersen has reimagined them as proper Robot Masters with his gorgeous Owlboy skill set. He renamed some of them though, as some of their names were subsequently used by official series Robot Masters. The clip includes Dyna Man, Bit Man, Knife Man (renamed from Blade Man), Buoy Man (renamed from Wave Man), Sonic Man, Volt Man, Weld Man (renamed from Torch Man), and Shark Man.

To be clear, this Mega Man DOS project will never be a real, playable video game like Owlboy; it’s just a fun passion project for Andersen. But the last time he did something like this, it was to create a fan-imagined trailer for a Chrono Break, which racked up over 1 million views on YouTube.

John Friscia
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