Overwatch Tracer comic challenge brings new themed rewards

Overwatch Tracer comic challenge

Following last month’s Summer Games, for the month of September Blizzard is introducing a new set of challenges for Overwatch. This set of challenges and rewards focus on Tracer, the game’s iconic cover star. The new skin attaches a comic book look to Tracer, and other challenges bring a player icon and a spray.

As per usual, each reward requires a different challenge to be completed. Three wins nets you the player icon, six wins for the spray, and nine wins for the Comic Book Tracer epic skin. These can be tackled in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade, providing some flexibility on where to earn the new cosmetics. There are also six additional Tracer Comic sprays that can be earned through viewing Overwatch content on Twitch.

The comic book-themed content stems from a new comic series that launched yesterday, Sept. 15. The first of five comic book issues is out now, again centered around Tracer. The Tracer – London Calling comic series follows a young Tracer as she zips through the streets of her hometown. Issue 1 is available for free too, at least digitally, via Dark Horse online and the official Overwatch website. The comic is available in over 13 languages for fans to enjoy.

The Tracer Comic challenge is live in Overwatch on Switch through Sept. 28.

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