Overwatch Summers Games begins today, new skins revealed

overwatch summer games

The Overwatch Summer Games event begins today, Aug. 4, and runs through Aug. 25. It runs every summer, and Blizzard has revealed a few of 2020’s cosmetic items. Two character skins were shown off on social media in advance, whilst the rest of the Overwatch Summer Games content was teased in another video released later.

The first is a new legendary skin for Pharah. Lifeguard Pharah arrives as part of the event and looks like someone mixed a mech with your typical coast guard. Overwatch tagged the post with “Long time no sea” on Twitter, and we’re intrigued to see what’s required to unlock this one. It certainly seems popular, with the tweet gaining nearly 49K likes.

In another post a few hours later, the social media team revealed another Overwatch Summer Games legendary skin. “Water you waiting for?” was the pun this time, as Blizzard revealed the Surf’s Up Echo skin. This one fits right in with the typical Overwatch aesthetic, that being plenty of white with a dash of orange. The Surf’s Up version of Echo does look similar to the Tracer skin seen on the game’s cover art.

There’ll be more cosmetics packed within the Overwatch Summer Games event as it begins today. Have a look at what to expect via one more tweet:

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