Overwatch series director Jeff Kaplan wants Link for Overwatch

Overwatch Link Zelda Tracer Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game featuring a massive roster of characters that play wildly differently. Overwatch is also a game featuring a massive roster of characters that play wildly differently. And if Overwatch series director Jeff Kaplan had his way, they would have even more in common with each other than that. In an interview with Game Informer, Kaplan sat down and answered all kinds of questions like what’s going on with Overwatch 2, who his main is, and that he wants Link in Overwatch.

At around the 3:10 mark in the video linked above, Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner asked Kaplan an important question that’s been on fans’ minds for years: “If you had to pick one hero that would be in Smash Bros. Ultimate, who would it be?” “Tracer” is the immediate response. He then asked: “Conversely, which Smash Bros. Ultimate character would you want in Overwatch?” “Nothing would make me happier than putting Link into our game.”

In Super Smash Bros. fan circles, Tracer is a common prediction for a DLC character, and with good reason. Unlike many other shooters, Overwatch fits the brighter aesthetic that Nintendo tends to aim for with its games. She’s also the face of the franchise and has plenty of interesting mechanics to bring to Smash. Likewise, fans have made some excellent fan works imagining Link as a hero in Overwatch.

Of course, time will tell if any of this actually comes to pass. With a pretty good port of Overwatch on the Switch and the sequel on its way, both of these pipe dreams have some hope. As a fan of both series, I’m glad to hear that one of the most important voices behind one of them is calling for not one, but two crossovers. So Mr. Kaplan, if you’re reading this, please keep fighting that good fight!

Do you also want Tracer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Link in Overwatch? Ready for Smash to go full Mugen? Let us know!

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