Overwatch gets free trial period for Switch Online users next week

Overwatch trial switch

Beginning Oct. 13, for a seven-day period, Overwatch will have a free trial on Nintendo Switch. The promotion was initially revealed for the Japanese market, but official U.S. and E.U. accounts have now posted it out too. The trial period wraps up on Oct. 20, and if you decide to pick the game up after then, all progress will carry over.

There are a couple caveats though. First off, you’ll need to be a Nintendo Switch Online member to jump into the free trial, as it won’t be playable without the subscription. Also, Legendary Edition content won’t be playable in the trial, even though all paid versions of Overwatch on Switch are the Legendary Edition. Thankfully, you will get access to all of the base game’s modes, heroes, and maps in the trial.

Overwatch trial switch

For the unaware, Overwatch is Blizzard’s popular hero shooter that pits two teams against each other in a variety of objective-based modes. The Nintendo Switch version dropped last October, making this an anniversary offer of sorts. The port is solid, even though it runs at half the frame rate of its console siblings. Overwatch is still one of the best shooters on Switch.

If the Overwatch free trial sounds appealing, you can preload it now on Switch via the eShop.

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