Overcooked 2 has five scorching free DLC levels on the way

OVercooked 2 nintendo switch games for non-gaming friends and family

Overcooked 2 and its predecessor represent the pinnacle of an emerging chaotic couch co-op genre, characterized by other indie titles like Moving Out and Catastronauts. We love what we’ve gotten out of the series to bits, so any new Overcooked 2 content is quite exciting. Free new content? Now that’s even better. The upcoming DLC, cheekily titled Sun’s Out Buns Out, offers players two new doggy chefs, five new levels (including kitchens set within a parade), and plenty of delicious summer-themed foods. Check out the official reveal trailer below.

Free DLC is always appreciated, and in this case, it’s quite a surprise. The original game has been out a while now, receiving sporadic paid DLC content ever since, so it’s nice but unexpected to be treated to some free additional kitchens. You’ll be able to play this Overcooked 2 DLC in all of its summery glory soon. On PC, the content is available on July 5, with Switch and other consoles following soon after on an unspecified date.

Are you ready to return to the fast-paced culinary battlefield of Overcooked 2? Have you even played the game in its first place? Have you tried out any of its loads of paid downloadable content? Head over to the comments below to let us know what you think of the game and how you’re liking the look of this upcoming DLC.


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