Designated assistance: There’s a rumor Metroid Prime 4’s environment work may have been outsourced


Metroid Prime 4 has had some issues. From its initial development with a new team being scrapped and given to its original developer to its members seeking out an art director, the title has been overdue for some time now. However, the game may launch sooner than expected due to some helping hands. Rumor has it the environment work for the FPS has been outsourced to another studio to speed things along.

Having some programming outsourced isn’t necessarily a bad thing

YouTuber Doctre81 is behind this latest gossip. He presented his case in the video below:

The logic is sound. A recent job listing for Retro Studios, Metroid Prime 4‘s developer, had the following description:

Review outsourced content to ensure final deliverables reflect the desired artistic vision.

Add to this fact the Switch was mentioned in the posting, and it’s easy to connect the dots.

I’m all for the outsourcing if it means Metroid Prime 4 comes out in the next few months. As long as the other devs receive proper compensation and there is a level of polish, it’s all good. Besides, Nintendo has outsourced its games before to great results, most notably bringing in Bandai Namco to assist with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Now, port Metroid Prime Trilogy to Switch while we wait patiently, please?

Enthusiasts, do you agree with Doctre81’s assessment? What are your feelings regarding outsourcing development duties? Let us know your opinions down below.

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