‘Outlast’ 1 & 2 – Nintendo Switch Ports Only Took A Few Weeks To Develop

We’ve heard how simple it is to develop for Nintendo Switch, and Red Barrels’ work on Outlast and Outlast 2 is further proof of that. Mathieu Gauthier, Senior Programmer for the company, has an interesting tidbit of information on his LinkedIn profile. Apparently, the titles both were ported “in a matter of weeks”.

Ported the 2 games from scratch to the Nintendo Switch in a matter of weeks and delivered an experience that is very comparable to the more powerful consoles, but running at 720p/30Hz in handheld mode.”

The original Outlast is already out on Switch eShop, with its sequel releasing March 27. How do you feel about this series? Comment below, let us know.

Source: LinkedIn

Via: Doctre81

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