Other: Her Loving Embrace, a unique take on RPGs, coming to Switch

Other: Her Loving Embrace RPG Nintendo Switch Kickstarter

Among all the games I love, interactive turn-based RPGs usually rank the highest on my list. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the classic turn-based formula, but making an RPG’s combat system interactive adds extra depth and excitement to what could be an otherwise slow game. Mario and Luigi titles usually nailed this type of combat really well, but that developer filed for bankruptcy. So enter Chimera Labs with Other: Her Loving Embrace.

A creative RPG inspired by timeless classics

Other: Her Loving Embrace follows a child named Gershom and his new pal, the Wizard, as they try to solve the mysteries of the weird events surrounding Chestertown.

The game has actually been up on Kickstarter for almost a month now, and it recently hit its funding goal. But the reason I’m talking about OtherĀ today is because the game is now confirmed to be in development for the Nintendo Switch.

If you like what you see, feel free to support the game on Kickstarter. There are only seven days left as of now. Additionally, if you support any tiers that include a copy of the game, you can choose between a PC or Switch version.

There’s also a PC demo available for free whether you decide to contribute to the Kickstarter or not. As someone who’s dug into it already, I think it’s worth your time. If you want to know more about the game, check out my interview with Quincy Pringle from last year. He’s the main brain power behind Other: Her Loving Embrace‘s development.


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