On a roll: Paper Mario: The Origami King video shows new gameplay clips

PAper Mario The Origami King

We are days away from the launch of Paper Mario: The Origami King. To celebrate its upcoming release, Nintendo has aired a new commercial for the title in North America. While only 30 seconds long, the clip showcases some fresh plot points, mechanics, and bits of humor.

The Origami King is looking to be a charming adventure

Here’s the latest footage of the game, complete with a voiceover:


Did everyone get a good look? Good, let’s discuss.

First off, the narrator uses a few paper puns during the video. If he came up with the lines on his own, he deserves multiple promotions and raises because they are of stellar caliber.

Next, what in the holy hell is happening at the 16-second mark? The dancing looks like it could turn into a fun minigame. However, why are all the Toads missing faces? It’s really unsettling. At least the ballet with the Shy Guy towards the end looks really cute and heartwarming.

Enthusiasts, will you be purchasing Paper Mario: The Origami King on July 17? Has this commercial affected your feelings towards the game in any way? Let us know the answers to both of these questions by leaving a comment below.


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