Ori and the Blind Forest on Switch runs smoother than on Xbox One

Microsoft Switch

Ori and the Blind Forest was for a long time a Microsoft exclusive until it landed recently on Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly, it runs smoother than ever. And we mean that literally. It runs even better on Nintendo Switch than its original counterpart on Xbox One.

Thomas Mahler, Game Director at Moon Studios, explained in further detail at ResetEra all the polishing the game received to make it shine on Nintendo’s platform. He said that their team has been working with their current engine for 10 years now, so this experience was surely going to stand out when revisiting Ori and the Blind Forest. Also, he stated that while making the game’s sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, they developed many optimizations. These improvements were applied for the Nintendo Switch port of the original title as well, making for a better experience.

Double the FPS and improved animations

Saying that Ori and the Blind Forest runs well on Nintendo Switch is an understatement. For instance, it doubles the frame rate that the game initially had on Xbox One. On Microsoft’s console, the game targeted 30 FPS. In contrast, Nintendo Switch’s version hits 60 FPS. As a result of this increase in frames per second, Mahler explained that animations were also updated to match the upgrade.

It is great to see developers jumping aboard on Nintendo Switch. It is even sweeter when they take the time to deliver spectacular results on the platform, such as with Microsoft’s other offering to Switch, Cuphead. Ori and the Blind Forest is truly a marvelous game worth playing or revisiting on Nintendo Switch, especially when it plays this well!

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Cristian Aguilar