Online-only Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 raised $3.4 million for charity

AGDQ 2022 Awesome Games Done Quick

That’s a wrap on this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) charity speedrunning marathon! As with the past few events, AGDQ 2022 was held virtually due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. Despite this, viewers helped raise an astonishing $3.4 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Of this, about $3.2 million was raised through donations from viewers and a portion of the proceeds from event merchandise, while the remaining $200,000 came as a result of Twitch subs and bits. Donations are still trickling in as of this writing, and will likely see a small bump once final merchandise totals come in.

Not only is this a new record donation total for online-only events, but it also smashed the prior overall record of $3.16 million, set at AGDQ 2020, which was the final in-person event pre-COVID. Adding this total into all prior events, Games Done Quick events have raised a grand total of $37.5 million for various causes!

Perhaps it is no surprise that after the switch to virtual events, the donation total has generally been a bit lower than usual, likely attributable to financial struggles due to the pandemic. But that makes this event’s milestone even more significant. In addition to setting a new overall record, AGDQ 2022 saw a record rate at which donations flooded in, smashing the record time needed to hit $1 million. Normally, these events hit this tremendous milestone around Thursday afternoon or evening, but this year we hit it on Wednesday, over a whole day earlier than ever before.

AGDQ 2022

As always, a number of incentives helped us reach these new heights. One big push early on came during the three-person Pokémon Crystal Key Item Randomizer race between Keizaron, 360Chrism, and Shenanagans. At one point during the race, Shenanagans had disparaged the good name of the best Generation I starter, Bulbasaur, and promised a written apology to it if the event passed the $900,000 mark by the end of the race. Chat, not one to let this injustice slide, handily met that challenge, forcing Shenanagans to formally issue that apology. Other major incentives included raising $170,000 for a Resident Evil Village bonus run and even a $500,000 bonus run of Deltarune Chapter 2!

Overall though, it’s been one heck of a week of great runs and people coming together for an amazing cause. It’s always a bit sad to see things come to a close, but there’s always the VODs and future events. Really, all of the runs this week deserve a watch (or rewatch), but if you’re looking for a quick and dirty guide to some of the best Nintendo runs, we’ll have one for you soon. As for new content, however, there’s always Summer Games Done Quick coming up in a few months. While it remains to be seen whether this event will be held in person, one thing we can be sure of is that it’ll be a week full of amazing runners eager to use their skills for the benefit of charity.

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