One Step from Eden patch overhauls difficulty, improves performance

One Step from Eden patch 1.3 v1.3 overhauls difficulty, fixes performance bugs and crashes Thomas Moon Kang

One Step from Eden released in March, and it was everything all the GIFs and trailers made it out to be: an extremely intense evolution of Mega Man Battle Network‘s combat packaged in a roguelike shell. If you have skill and patience, there is a lot to love about this game from solo developer Thomas Moon Kang. However, if you aren’t an ace player, there could be a looooong learning curve in actually reaching Eden, so the developer has released a patch to address that. The One Step from Eden v1.3 patch, available now on Nintendo Switch, overhauls the difficulty and fixes a variety of performance issues and crash bugs.

One Step from Eden becomes more approachable for players

The game patch doesn’t do anything drastic like cut all enemy health in half, but it makes myriad little tweaks that should add up to a more empowering experience for the player. For instance, defeating a boss now grants rare+ Spell and Artifact choices, to make victory feel sweeter. The amount of time spent on deck reshuffling has also been altered in assorted ways. And notably, “Doublecasting Flow cards will now trigger Flow on the second cast as well as give extra Flow Stacks.” The v1.3 patch notes on Steam provide a granular breakdown of every change made.

Incidentally, the PC version of One Step from Eden is already on patch v1.4, but that patch is largely for C# mod support, which isn’t something that could apply to Nintendo Switch players anyway. Console players understand their lot in life.

If you bought One Step from Eden, how are you enjoying it so far? And if you haven’t, does a slight decrease on the difficulty make you want to check it out now? Nintendo Enthusiast interviewed Thomas Moon Kang about this title last October.

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