One step closer: Lego Samus Aran Gunship now under review

Lego Samus under review

We here at Nintendo Enthusiast revel in good news. Back in January, we spoke of a Lego Metroid prototype a visual artist dreamed up. It was submitted to Lego Ideas, where designer L-DI-EGO hoped it would be considered for production. Now, thanks to a tweet from game developer @Gamrok, we know the Lego Samus Aran Gunship is under review.

I’ve been dreaming of a Lego Samus set since I was a small child

Here is the message from Gamrok confirming the announcement:

I had a feeling this project was going to advance to the “In Review” state. It needed 10,000 votes from the public to reach that level, and it was at 9,803 in January, after all.

What happens now? Lego will review the item internally and decide whether it is a “go” or “no go.” The whole process can take a number of months. If it gets the green light, the toy enters the Development phase. This event includes creating and marketing the gunship and also takes several months. L-DI-EGO will have to wait quite a bit to see if their baby makes it to retail. I’m pulling for their creation to become a reality!

Enthusiasts, how do you feel about the Lego Samus project finally being under review? Let us know in the comments below.


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