One Lonely Outpost, a space farming sim on Kickstarter, aiming for Switch release

One Lonely Outpost

One Lonely Outpost, a farming sim set in space, is making a bit of noise on Kickstarter. About a week into its campaign, it has raised just over $18,000 out of its $80,000 goal. The game challenges players to grow crops and relationships their way in an isolated village on a distant planet. Currently targeting a release on PC and Switch (and other consoles if stretch goals enter the picture), One Lonely Outpost needs just a bit of momentum to harvest enough funds to become reality. You can check out the trailer below, and head over to the Kickstarter page if you’re curious.

While the game challenges players with different choices at every corner, One Lonely Outpost begins with a particularly consequential decision: will you raise your crops the old fashioned way, painstakingly raising organic veggies and natural livestock in cruel conditions, or will you take a few shortcuts and run a synthetic farm that, while a little easier, nets you some suspiciously fuzzy produce? Beyond that, you make choices in how to spend your time: you can build your relationships by meeting a wide cast of different characters (with some NPCs exclusive to the organic or synthetic route), you could explore alien ruins in search of ancient secrets, or you can focus on building up your colony.

While at first glance, the game looks a lot like a simple  Stardew Valley in space, I hope that One Lonely Outpost finds success. The central theme of fighting loneliness and building a community has never been more compelling than it is right now, during an isolating global pandemic.

Nick Pearson
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