Raunchy RPG Omega Labyrinth Life coming to Switch

Omega Labyrinth Life for Switch

It’s official! The Switch has taken the PlayStation Vita’s place as the home of ecchi RPGs. D3 Publisher and Matrix Software have announced that they’re once again teaming up for a new entry in their rogue-like RPG series. The new entry is called Omega Labyrinth Life and will be exclusive to the Switch when it launches in 2019 in Japan.

The game will once again be a dungeon-crawler; however, the main reason this series has a fanbase is undoubtedly because of the prevalent use of fan service. The primary mechanic is once again that, as more experience points are accrued, the character’s bust grows in size.

This marks the first time the Switch has seen the series, which has largely been exclusive to Sony’s ill-fated PlayStation Vita. Whether or not the game will come west is very much up in the air as we have seen no announcement as of yet; the localization of the most recent game in the series, Omega Labyrinth Z, was canceled by UK based publisher PQube due to Sony denying it a PS4 and Vita release in the west.

It will be interesting to see whether Omega Labyrinth Life will see a western release. What do you think about the announcement? Will you be importing the title if it doesn’t come to the US & Europe? Let us know in the comment section below.


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