Olympic gold medalist Yuto Horigome confused fans with Snorlax shoutout

Olympic Gold Medalist Yuto Horigome confused fans with Snorlax shoutout Olympics

Japanese Olympic gold medalist Yuto Horigome had the skateboarding run of his life on Sunday when he won gold for the first-ever men’s street competition, but he also managed to confuse fans after mentioning his Snorlax in a post-game interview. Horigome landed three spectacular tricks in a row to take home the gold medal in Japan. He beat the Brazil-born Kelvin Hoefler, who won silver, and the American Jagger Eaton, who finished bronze.

Olympic Gold Medalist Yuto Horigome confused fans with Snorlax shoutout

“I was born in Koto City (Tokyo ward) and started skateboarding in Koto City,” said the 22-year-old Horigome about his hometown and location of the Olympic skateboarding venue. “I still can’t believe that I’m here at the Olympics. Personally speaking, I think it is incredible that the tournament is held in Koto City.”

When asked about the future of skateboarding, Horigome said, “All kinds of people watch the Olympics. I hope to communicate just how fun and in-depth skateboarding is.”

Lastly, the reporters asked Horigome to whom he’ll show his gold medal, to which he responded, “I want to show it to my family, friends, and everybody who supported me. And after that, well, I have this Pokémon Snorlax that I put my medals on, so I’d like to put it on that.” He didn’t elaborate much about the Snorlax, but it caused some confusion among Japanese fans, who wondered what he meant by a Snorlax that he hangs his medals on.

This is what he meant:

Most athletes put their medals and trophies in display cases or even dedicated rooms. Yuto Horigome has his favorite Snorlax for just that, and he plans to keep adding more on the stuffed Pokémon after that Olympic gold medal.

You can watch Yuto’s legendary gold medal run in the video below:

If you missed it, the Tokyo Olympics opened with a wide variety of video game music.