Okami soundtrack goes vinyl with new four-disc box set


It has been 11 years since Capcom’s Okami won the BAFTA Award for Best Original Score. Thanks to a partnership between Data Discs and Capcom, the game’s award-winning soundtrack is getting a vinyl release. The four-disc box set contains a newly remastered soundtrack spanning over two hours, a 40-page art book, and more.

The vinyl collection also comes in various types of designs to choose from including black, frosted clear, and a limited edition version of frosted clear that comes with splatters of pink and white. The box set was created in correlation with Okami HD’s Switch release which was on Thursday.


Per Data Discs website, orders will be shipped either on or around October 31 of this year. If you want to purchase the record collection, you can pre-order it now on the website for £64.99 ($83.39). However, if you are someone who wants to get your hands on a limited edition box set, you have a shorter time frame to place your order, as they will be unavailable after August 15.

There is also a tracklist for the collection as well on the website. Released in 2006 on the PlayStation 2, Okami involved players taking control of the Japanese folklore goddess of the sun. It also won the BAFTA Award in 2007 for Artistic Achievement with Producer Atsushi Inaba taking home the award.  Its original soundtrack was composed by Rei Kondoh, Masami Ueda, and Hiroshi Yamaguchi. What are some video game soundtracks you would like to see on vinyl? Comment below!


Nick Battaglia
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